Background on the basis of the turnover figures of Big Data companies; we look at 10 great guys and 5 interesting startups.

Big Data vendors are to divide roughly into two camps. There are Pure Play startups that bring innovation and therefore create the necessary buzz in the sector. In addition, you have the established data warehousing specialists who have stormed the world of Big Data from a strong position – so with a large user base and products that have already proven themselves.

The following is a list of 15 great Big Data-companies to keep an eye on. They are all on the list of more than 60 suppliers who, based on sales are sorted by the Wikibon community of consultants and other tech specialists. Ten of these companies are well-known players that we no doubt all familiar. Five are newcomers who might be in for surprises can go.


The absolute number one Big Data specialist will for no one surprising. In 2012 took out IBM 1.01 billion euro/dollars turnover from products of Big Data Services. IBM offers hardware, software, analytics and related services. His most famous products are the platforms DB2, Informix and Infosphere, SPSS and Cognos and the analytical applications. IBM also supports open source data analysis platform Hadoop.

On the second place in the top ten of largest Big Data-suppliers State HP. 497 million euro turnover last year turned producer with Big Data products. HP delivers like IBM a mix of hardware, software and services. The company is probably best known in this area with his analytical platform Vertica.

The top three is closed by Teradata who last year turned a turnover of 325 million euros/dollar. This company also offers customers a full range of hardware and software with its Big Data applications. In addition, the specific tools on the retail sector and logistics companies.

Oracle is mostly known for its database, but it is also a big player in the Big Data-sector. The Oracle Big Data Appliance combines an Intel server running Hadoop distribution Cloud eras and Oracle’s NoSQL database. In 2012 took out Oracle 310 million euro turnovers with Big Data products.

SAP delivers a lot of different analytical tool, but maybe the company best known for its HANA in-memory database. With an annual turnover of EUR 275 million in 2012, is one of the largest SAP Big Data-companies.

Helps companies with the Save and analyze Big Data and also has the Big Data-think tank Marketing Science Lab. the company took out the news this spring with Pivotal that is supported by General Electric and VMware. Pivotal combines with the own Greenplump HAWQ Hadoop database and query tools. EMC took out last year a turnover of 251 million euros/dollar from Big Data products and services.

Amazon has been in business mostly known for its enterprise cloud platform, but the company also offers a lot of Big Data products. Amazon delivers it on Hadoop-based Elastic MapReduce, the Big Data database DynamoDB and Amazon’s data warehouse system Redshift – all of which work well with Amazon’s AWS cloud service.

The ninth place for Microsoft those sales as Big Data-supplier 146 million euro. The company’s strategy includes an agreement with Big Data-Hortonworks and HDInsight that the tool on startup Horton Data Platform is based and is integrated into Microsoft’s Azure service.

Google, which unexpectedly low on the list with a turnover of 27 million euro from Big Data Services on the 32nd place. One of the Big Data products from the stables of Google is the cloud platform Big Query.

See also virtualisatiesoftwareleverancier VMware bread in Big Data. In June the company announced vSphere Big Data Extensions, with which vSphere Hadoop environments manages and it easier for companies to Big Data-projects. The annual turnover of Big Data-related products and services last year was 24 million euros/dollar.

Cloudera tops the list of Big Data-companies that be followed with interest by connoisseurs. The company took out 105 million of venture investors and the founders are big names in the tech world of Google, Facebook, Oracle and Yahoo. Cloudera Hadoop platform from the Apache brought for corporate customers in 2008.

We saw this company already come by because of his partner agreement with Microsoft. Hortonworks also works with Hadoop and has since the company has been split out of Yahoo losgepeuterd EUR 52 million at venture investors. Hortonworks goes directly to the competition with Cloudera. The Big Data-specialist is currently best known for agreements with strategic partners, including Microsoft, Rackspace, Red Hat, and Teradata.

Of all the vendors that deliver Big Data-only products, with 139 million euros/dollar last year, Splunk had the biggest turnover. This company specializes in analysis of machine-generated data (MGD). Splunk Enterprise analyzes internal usage data on the basis of the information that is generated during use.

10Gen is best known for his open source NoSQL database MongoDB. 10Gen’s investors include Intel, Red Hat, and In-Q-Tel 10Gen stood on the third place of the Hadoop and NoSQL vendors with a turnover of 27 million euro last year.

MapR is the supplier of NoSQL database M7. The company works with Amazons cloud platform and the Google Compute Engine. MapR last year was fourth on Hadoop and NoSQL-suppliers and the company turned a turnover of 15 million euros/dollar.